On Left, Olivia Espinoza, President,

Clearly, we all need to recognize the tremendous energy and effort that people like Olivia Espinoza and her group are doing to help families better understand Autism, and share their concerns for treating their children.  In Las Vegas, 'Azul Blue', a Hispanic organization, helps families to better understand and cope with the challenges they all face with autistic children.

The cases of autism in children in the last decade reflect a worrying rise in the United States, according to official figures released on March 29 2013. This developmental disorder in children continues to increase as an alarming rate, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a federal agency of the Department of Health.

In Las Vegas, Olivia Espinoza, President of 'Azul Blue', started an organization that began about four months ago. She wanted to offer support to Hispanic families facing this problem, and she has found great response, despite the help of other groups found as FEAT (Families with Effective Autism Treatment) and TACA (Talk About Curing Autism), support groups nationwide.

Currently, there are 30 Hispanic families who share experiences and information about their cases in 'Azul Blue' and their numbers are growing. Anyone interested in joining AZUL BLUE may call 702-586-0737.  

Locally, 'Azul Blue' has the support of the Clark County School District and the State with therapists and other resources found through different organizations.  

Mrs. Espinoza said that "it is important that parents should not feel alone, and should address this situation. From the experiences of others, we all can learn, and this makes us increasingly stronger as a group. 

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