Freddy Chavez Founder and President
His degree in Business and Computer Science provided him the opportunity to work in the new field of direct marketing, system development, and extensive creative market-testing. In addition to managing operations on both coasts, he developed and implemented these systems in England, France, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.  Gary has worked closely with volunteer groups like G.L.A.D. (Greater Los Angeles Deaf) for more job opportunities for the hearing impaired.
Gary McGough - Vice President & Secretary
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Las Vegas Carnaval International counts on the aid of some very interesting people that have the experience and the necessary abilities to make it happen. If you agree that this event is everything we say, please tell them what you think of the work that they have done at the end of this event.  
Las Vegas Carnaval International wants to thank each and everyone of you that is helping make Freddy's dream become a reality. Each Team Member brings unique talents and spirit to our committee and we are very fortunate to have such a wonderful group.
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Las Vegas Carnaval Internacional cuenta con la ayuda de personas muy interesantes que tienen la experiencia y las habilidades necesarias para hacer que esto sea posible. Si estan de acuerdo dejenle saber lo que piensan del trabajo que han hecho al terminar del evento.
Las Vegas Carnaval Internacional quiere agradecer a cada uno de ustedes por su ayuda y por poner todos sus esfuerzos y hacer el sueño de Freddy una realidad. Cada uno de ellos es único en lo que traen al comité.
Born in Bolivia, Freddy has always had an interest in Carnaval from a very young age.  After finishing school, Freddy lived in Rio de Janero for several years, gaining even more experience with Carnaval.  After becoming a  US Citizen, he has continued his dream to bring Carnaval / Mardi Gras to Las Vegas.  His dream for Las Vegas has always been to create an annual event that can capture the very essence of our city. He sees our event gradually becoming one of the most significant annual events in Las Vegas,He believes that in showcasing our diversity and most importantly, our unity as Americans, it will have greater appeal.
Jennifer Rodriguez - Treasure
Aida Lorena Duran - Marketing Director
Nuncy Melva Justiniano - Director
Proud to be a "Past President of the north Bolivian Center of California" since this was the first organization of Bolivians that was legally registered in the United States. With 23 years of service not only to the Bolivian Center but to my darling Bolivian community always and at present member of the Comite Executive of CBNC. One of the associates founders of the Association of Bolivian Ladies. Leader and founder of Holy Cross Lives in SF/Bay Area Group. Also Associate of the International Lions Club and one of the associates and founder of the Lions Club Palermo in Holy Cross, Bolivia, and current associate of the Mission Lions Club in San Francisco. Working always by maintaining our cultural identity and likewise by the welfare of our community.  
Elvi Elliot - Advisor
Her  degree in assistant nurse provided her the opportunity to work in the new field of direct with people, and she was in charge of the office and all account  in the office.
Lorena is a professional  marketing she graduate as a bachelor in Bolivia and quirurgical Instrumental ad the Catholic University and move to Miami and study Marketing in the F i U., and she is very friendly and a business woman
She was a president of  human charity,  at college Baustista she graduate at admistraitor in the institute Maria Gorety, she work in an office layer taker every important document , now she is so proud to be part our organization.